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This hard case tail bag offers convenience to carry your items hassle-free. With an extending zip, the bag can fit up to one full-face helmet, gloves, and rain gear.


  • Waterproof cover included
  • Can be converted into a backpack with straps (Included)
  • Securing straps included
  • Large reflective Cargo net included

Motocentric Hardcase Tail Bag

  • This bag can be easily installed onto any Motorcycle. The straps go under the pillion section of the seat. Once the straps are in place and correctly adjusted, lock the seat in place. Place the bag on the seat and hook the straps into their sections and tighten the straps and tuck them using the elastic band included. The tail bag is ready for use. There is no need to lift the seat each time to remove the bag, simply unhook the bag and walk away.

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