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The Drift duffel bag is the perfect combination of light, durable, and functional. It uses a wide-mouth roll-top system and is manufactured using high-quality 500D PVC. It has an IPX6 rating for water and dust ingress. All Drift duffel bags include 4 D-rings and 4 clipped tie-down straps, perfect for easily attaching to motorcycles,

Osah Drypak 40L

  • Spray off all dust and mud with a hose, do not use a pressure washer. Use a microfibre cloth to clean and rinse again with a hose. Hang to air dry.

    • DO NOT use abrasive scourers or steel wool.
    • NEVER use bleach or other corrosive cleaners.
    • DON’T  machine wash, pressure wash, dry clean or tumble dry. Please hand wash only as any other way may damage the welded seams.
    • ONLY use soft warm soap if you have to. (Most soaps have chemicals that can damage the structure of your bag. 
    • DO NOT store wet. 
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